Samantha Brown visits Salsa Mia

Univision interview


  Salsa Mia on HGTV's - House Hunters International

Reconnecting family ties in Barranquilla, Colombia
Episode HHINT-5409H

When Gio and Courtenay had son Marcello, it inspired them to reconnect with his extended family in Barranquilla, Colombia. But the city's bustling economy and subsequent booming rental market, presents high hurdles on their hunt to find a suitable family home, when House Hunters International dances into Barranquilla, Colombia.

Salsa Mia's Gio & Courtenay
Gio and Courtenay are great friends and part of the Salsa Mia family. They learned to dance at Salsa Mia and met each other in our classes, got married, had a baby and moved to Colombia on one of life's big adventures!

Salsa Mia on CNN's Small Business Success

April 1, 2013

Salsa Mia Small Business Success

As featured on CNN's HLN Morning Express

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Salsa Mia hosts out and about on Miami Beach

Salsa Mia teaches at the World's Largest Girlfriend Getaway


Feeling hot, hot, hot… Salsa!

After a leisurely and complimentary breakfast at Loews Preston Brassiere it was time to have fun and work off that extra helping of pancakes with a salsa-dancing lesson held in Loews Poinciana Ballroom. Everyone learned how to shake, sway and sizzle on the dance floor with Miami’s best -Salsa Mia!


Salsa Mia in Fitness Magazine

Salsa Mia in Fitness Magazine
Summer 2013

Salsa dance at the South Beach mecca Salsa Mia, swiveling your hips to Miami's unofficial pastime. Perfect your moves in classes, which begin at 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm and spill over into Mango's Tropical Cafe afterward, complete with live music.

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Salsa Mia: The Hottest Salsa Party in Miami

Salsa Mia: The Hottest Salsa Party in Miami
By Giselle Mueller of Mandarin Oriental, Miami
February 7, 2013 | Miami
It's hard not to catch salsa fever when you come to Miami — you hear the music everywhere!

Whether you want to learn to salsa for the first time, or you're a longtime dancer looking to tear up the floor with other passionate people, I recommend Salsa Mia. Watch my latest video to see why!

Salsa Mia & NBC 6 MIAMI

January 11, 2011

Salsa Mia "Non-Stop"!

On the NBC 6 News with Adam Kuperstein!
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Salsa Bringing Miami Singles Together
Salsa Mia is helping people socialize through dancing

Updated 10:00 AM EST, Wed, Jan 12, 2011

You can call it "Salsa Speed Dating." Salsa Mia is helping people socialize through Salsa dancing. Their classes teach what instructor Alex Ruiz calls, "Miami-Cuban style salsa," where instead of dancing with one partner, you constantly switch partners.

"It's a good way to pick up ladies," said Josef Toussaint, who started taking classes a year ago.

And why be shy about it? The first thing you learn at Salsa Mia-- even before dance steps -- is how to break the ice when approaching a dance partner.

Another thing that makes Salsa Mia different, is how the "Miami-flavor" spills down to the street from a huge window high above the road. Tourists passing by can't help but stop and look to see those sweet Salsa moves.

Christine Kerber from Sunny Isles stopped and looked so many times she eventually decided to go upstairs and give it a try. She says she specifically chose Salsa Mia because it allowed her to meet new people.

"You don't have to come with somebody to dance with," Kerber said. "You can come with a group of friends and end up dancing all night."

There are couples who come to Salsa Mia, but they have to be prepared to share their significant other.

"Everyone looked very respectful," said Gregory D' Incelli, who came with his girlfriend Kirstin. "I was very respectful, so I assumed there would be a common commitment to that."

Ruiz says even if you've never danced salsa before, there's no reason to feel intimidated. They break up the class into five levels, starting with beginners.

Shape Magazine - Sizzling South Beach


Discover all the sights, sounds, and flavors of Miami's South Beach 

Don't expect to just chill out in hot Miami. From golden beaches to trendy fitness spots, you'll find plenty of places to tone up too. Plan your trip with our top picks where to sleep , eat, and play.

Where to learn Salsa
Dance off the calories at Salsa Mia's classes Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night. After a 2-hour class you'll get the chance to show off your moves when the fiesta really heats up at 10:30 pm with a Sizzling Salsa Nightclub!


Salsa Mia on NBC6 South Florida Today

Salsa Mia on South Florida Today
June 6, 2011

Join Salsa Mia's Summer of Fun!
If you have been wondering what to do on hot summer evenings; we have the answer -- Learn to dance Salsa! View Video

Salsa Mia Featured on Game #1 of the NBA Finals!

Salsa Mia Heats Up the Screen
May 31, 2011

Game #1 of the NBA Finals
Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks

Salsa Mia "Where Salsa really Sizzles"


KSAT's Myra and Steve learn to Salsa with Salsa Mia

Friday, June 7, 2013

KSAT's Myra Arthur and Steve Spriester decided to try something that combines the footwork of Tim Duncan, the quickness of Tony Parker, and the passion of Manu Ginobilli. KSAT was covering the Miami Heat - San Antonio Spurs Playoffs!   Video Link

Salsa Mia Goes To Jackson Hole Wyoming for Salsa Week

CoupTessa writes about Salsa Mia

CoupTessa Indulgence
May 26, 2011

Why I love it!
Go out for a night of Salsa dancing at one of the best Salsa schools in Miami that’s been recognized by national broadcasts like NBC Nightly News and The Early Show on CBS. You ladies will get to learn all those Salsa moves you see on Dancing with the Stars from instructors who are experienced dancers! Salsa Mia will supply you girls with the moves to get you dancing anytime, anywhere!

Indulgence Details
Girls, I can't tell you how long I've wanted to learn how to Salsa dance (so much that I bought a Dancing with the Stars workout DVD on my last trip to the mall), so imagine how happy I was when I came across Salsa Mia!! This hip studio located right in the middle of South Beach can turn any aspiring Salsa dancer into the next Karina Smirnoff with their classes (a much more effective technique than following a DVD in my living room while my dog stares at me from the couch)!

Today's indulgence lets all you ladies in on some Salsa action with Classes held Every Night 6:30 and 8:00 pm at Mango's on Ocean Drive.

At Salsa Mia, they teach Miami Style Salsa - a mix of the fun and friendly Cuban style with sexy nightclub moves and social dancing. They'll teach you ladies how to dance with anyone, anywhere, so you'll be able to bust a move at the drop of a hat (I know I'll be secretly hoping for a dance-off to break out anytime I go to a club after taking these classes)!

Salsa Mia is also the only Salsa school that offers two hours of class time, plus one hour of practice for each class to perfect your dance moves.

For the first hour of each class, the instructors will focus on Miami Style Rueda, and in the second hour they'll teach you 1-on-1 and how to combine everything in your dancing! If you're a true beginner (like me, even though I pretend to know what I'm doing!), they'll start you off with all the basics, like marking in place and forward and back rocks, before teaching you how to put everything together and moving on to more advanced steps.

Salsa Mia is the place where all of the South Florida Salseros come to learn their moves and to meet people to dance with! Their instructors are all experienced dancers who make the process of learning Salsa easy and fun no matter what level you are. Not just a favorite spot for the locals, Salsa Mia has also been recognized by national broadcasts like NBC Nightly News and The Early Show on CBS. Come see what all the fuss is about and soon you girls will be dancing your way toward your own Mirror-ball Trophy! Check it out

Miami Herald: Dine and Dance at Salsa Mia

Miami Herald
Tropical Life

May 12, 2011

Salsa Mia is "just the spot" to visit right in the middle of the action on Sexy South Beach. Salsa Mia is full of fun energy and lots of dancing!

Boy Writes Miami - Salsa Mia


People who would enjoy it: Ladies that love to dance; dudes that love sexy, sweaty ladies.
People who would not enjoy it:
Anyone that's been telling their friends they're awesome dancers.

Salsa Mia
May 10, 2011
BY ORLANDO "Boy Writes Miami"
"Reviewing Miami and then some. Gratuitous vulgarity included."

If you think you can dance salsa but haven't actually taken any formal classes, I dare you to make a trip to Salsa Mia on a weekend night and make that claim to a sweaty girl in heels and a ridiculous booty. I DARE YOU.

You're going to feel like a fucking idiot, because compared to the average salsa dancer at Salsa Mia you have absolutely no idea what you're doing. Have you ever watched a movie, such as an Indian movie, where out of nowhere a bunch of motherfuckers break out into an impromptu dance number where everyone knows the choreography seemingly on-the-spot and you're thinking to yourself, “yeah, that’s bullshit, how do they all know the moves?” Well, that’s Salsa Mia. Salsa Mia is like a Bollywood film with better music and a distinct lack of blatant copyright infringement.

Indians are serial copyright violators? Yes. Speaking of Indians, holy shit do they love to dance…Speaking of Indians, holy shit do they love to dance, and holy shit are they deliciously goofy at it. Watching a white guy do the running man for 28 minutes isn’t nearly as hilarious as watching any Indian movie ever. But you know what, more power to them. They love to dance and the fact that they’re so fucking awkward at it doesn’t deter them from doing what they love. I admire that. From a distance.

In addition to having sexy Latinas whip you in the face with their hair as they spin like a dreidel in December, they also offer salsa classes for those who lack the intricate knowledge of la rueda. La rueda is a big-ass dance circle where a guy goes from girl to girl and and leads her through the motions, a striking parallel to how Hispanic dudes are in life. I’m sure when you’re a badass and you and everyone in the circle know all the maneuvers it’s fun, but if you’re taking classes it can get a little annoying. I took classes there once and mostly everyone was good, but there was this one eastern European girl (I know she was eastern European because she was really hot, blond, and looked like a sex slave that tried to coerce James Bond into some shit for her boss) who I’m positive didn’t speak English and couldn’t figure out the most basic steps. She was a smile-nodder. One of those people that you ask a question and they either don’t hear you or understand you, so they smile and nod.

Black people have the uncanny ability to make certain words cool as shit to use…On club nights (as opposed to instruction nights) they’ve got some ridiculous salsa bands that perform, and by ridiculous I mean awesome. Don’t you just love that about English? Words like “bad”, “nasty”, “sick”, and “ridiculous” end up having positive meaning. Black people are to blame for that. YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT. Black people have the uncanny ability to make certain words cool as shit to use, then when enough white people start using them they switch things up, but the original word they switched remains for decades. It can take a while for some white people to adopt those things, which is why “funky fresh” is probably still pervasive in Kentucky.

If you want to learn to salsa to impress anyone above the Broward county line, go to Salsa Mia.

Salsa Mia Demo for Arsht Center's Street Food Friday

Street Food Friday
March 18, 2011

Salsa Mia gave a sample Salsa Class for all the great people that came out to enjoy gourmet food on wheels at Street Food Fridays.

Salsa Mia on Yelp

Salsa Mia in the Latin capital

It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow.
But it will be. After all we live in Miami... the Latin capital

Yes, soon enough you will find yourself in a place where the Caipirinhas flow like water and the rhythm of conga drums calls to you from deep in the night. A Latin princess will emerge from a steamy dance floor and lean into your ear. Then she will say it: "Come... we dance."

And when that time comes, you will be ready...

Because Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe, Salsa Mia hosts classes, live music and dancing all night is your new secret weapon for achieving dance floor supremacy (whether you knew you needed to or not).

Now, we know what you're thinking. And yes, it's dancing, but stick with me  on this one. You'll start by picking a class or a package of classes. That was the risk; now here comes the reward.  

Because you will soon find yourself rotating through a series of co-ed (and unattached) dance partners as you burn up the floor in a harrowing display of Mambo Kings wizardry (or at least learning the basics while trying not to step on too many stilettos).

And if the dance floor equivalent of speed dating isn't your thing, they also offer more intimate one-on-one dance lessons.

So, come on! Lets salsa!

Salsa Mia on AmericaTeve Arrebatados!

Ejercicios divertidos para 2011
Reportera: Carolina Fernandez
On Air Friday, January 21, 2011

Salsa Mia on AmericaTeve


Salsa Mia Heat Index


Salsa Mia Dancers on ESPN
Airs on Friday, October 29th on ESPN
All day coverage of the Heat's 1st Game of the Season

Salsa Mia Heats up South Beach on ESPN's special coverage of the Miami Heat. See us sizzle!

Salsa Mia is Delicioso!

October 15, 2010

Salsa Mia on Delicioso!

- Saturday, December 11, 2010 on Telefutura
- Sunday, December 12, 2010 on Galavision

We had a great time with Maggie!



Salsa on South Beach on The Miami Herald's -

September 28, 2010
By Megan Ann Harmon

Salsa on South Beach
Don't put off your dreams of learning salsa and embrace the Cuban culture of Miami

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to learn how to salsa dance since your first toe touched ground in Miami (there must be something in the air). Of course, time escapes us, and we keep pushing off our dreams of learning salsa and being the next star on So You Think You Can Dance. However, if we really embraced the Cuban culture that has made Miami what it is today, we’d say ‘Vamos echar un pie!’ So, let’s ‘¡Meter mano!’ Cuban-style. And what better place to do that then on South Beach, surrounded by Cuban design, cigars, food, coffee and attitude.

Since salsa originates from Cuba, we know it’s hot, and Salsa Mia is a great place for lessons. Learn how to bust a move in the Miami clubs, Cuban-style. If you have never danced salsa, you’ll start at Level 1 (like me!). If you’ve taken a lesson before and know the basics, arrive early and have them test your skills to see if you can move up a level or two. Either way, you will have a blast learning this amazing dance to the beautiful rhythms of Latin music.

The instructors are great and you do not need a partner to join in the fun. They normally teach everyone the steps as a group with each person practicing them on their own, and then move into a circle, where everyone will partner up. If there are more girls than boys (or even vice versa), each pair switches throughout the song, so you’ll always have a chance to test your moves with someone. I actually prefer this method, because it helps me also learn how to dance with different people. (Dancing is usually better when shared, anyway.) I really enjoyed my lesson and definitely walked away knowing more than I had when I walked in.

What I love about this place is that the party doesn’t stop with the lesson (and with Cubans, does the party ever really stop?). After the lessons come to a close, the venue opens up into a full-blown Latin club, welcoming all Salsa-dancing lovers. Stay and dance the night away with some unbelievable partners and watch the professional dancers in action (you can either learn from watching the masters or get really jealous and vow to keep coming back for more so you can be the next best-thing on the dance floor). I made the vow, so maybe I’ll see you there!

Article in Spanish:

Salsa Mia: Come learn sizzling salsa moves!

July 9, 2010
Written by: Ginny Nadolny for

Salsa Mia: Come learn sizzling salsa moves!

If you’re going to be spending some time in Miami, you should consider putting on your dancing shoes and taking some salsa lessons. Miami has numerous street festivals, clubs and restaurants at which this style of dance is prominent.

Salsa is a dance that spans the gamut from social to passionate, and it quickly becomes a dance of addiction. Once you learn the basic steps and get used to the three-beat rhythms (most music follows a four-beat pattern), you’ll be hooked.

Two left feet? Lack rhythm? Wonder what to do with your hands? No problem! The professional salsa instructors at Salsa Mia are experienced dancers and talented teachers. On top of that, they are spirited and engaging, making learning salsa both fun and easy.

Salsa Mia has lessons for beginners through advanced level dancers. So, if you already have some salsa prowess, they’ll help you perfect your moves and find your personal style, whether it is special footwork, a particular hair toss, or a signature dip.The bar on site is always open, serving Mojitos, beer, wine and other spirits. Each night, lessons kick off at 6:30 and 8:00 pm and run for about two hours.

See Salsa Mia on Best of South Beach. Salsa Mia hosts Salsa Nights Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night.
HelloMetro Tip: Comfortable shoes with a leather or suede sole are best – make sure they fit well and won’t slip off!

Plum TV Miami comes to Salsa Mia

June 7, 2010
Salsa Mia on Plum TV

VH1 Basketball Wives comes to Salsa Mia






March 2010
VH1 Basketball Wives Episode 5
Couple goes on a blind date and takes Salsa lessons with Salsa Mia!


VH1 follows wives and girlfriends of some of the NBA’s most elite players to give the viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous life of a professional basketball player’s wife in VH1’s original series, Basketball WivesPremier March 15, 2010.

Dhani from "Dhani Tackles the Globe"

Dhani with Salsa Mia
Photo by: Susan Fisher

February 4, 2010
Dhani learns to dance with Salsa Mia

Salsa Mia & Super Bowl 2010 - Miami

February 7, 2010

Salsa Mia Showcase
Miami Style Salsa
Before the game!

The Miami Herald's New

March 18, 2008

Salsa Fridays
When in Miami, do as the Miamians do: Salsa!

By Rayme Samuels

Picture this: It's Friday night and you find yourself sauntering down Ocean Drive. Somehow along the way your feet start tapping, your hips start shaking and before you know it, you're swept up in the sensual rhythm of a salsa beat. No, your ears aren't playing tricks on you. Your senses will surely be overwhelmed by the flurry of sexy dancers spinning their way across a crowded dance floor. Salsa Mia has hosted an addictive salsa night for more than two years and has successfully attracted both diehard dancers and novices alike week after week.

Once you venture past a cheerful doorman and up a narrow staircase, you will find a ceramic tile dance floor filled to the brim with some of Miami's most enthusiastic salseros. "People come here to socialize at the end of the workweek, have drinks and practice dance with other students," says Salsa Mia owner, Susan Fisher.

For the novice dancer, Cuban salsa classes begin every week at 9 p.m., when impossibly attractive instructors cover the gamut of basic steps, intricate twirls and classic rueda calls. Arrive a few hours later and you'll be amazed by the gravity defying spins and dips enacted by the second wave of visitors -- some of Miami's best and surprisingly humble dancers. Everyone here is eager to share the spirit of this Latin dance. If you're feeling shy, pony up to the bar for a Corona or mango mojito, two popular favorites, and just enjoy being inspired by the crowd.

For those with two left feet, don't worry. It's not all salsa here, as DJs Alex and Alfredo mix things up regularly by adding reggaeton, merengue, bachata, and hip-hop to their rotations. At Salsa Mia, where the party goes on strong until the wee hours, says Fisher, "everyone fits right in."

Click here to see the article on

Crowded house: Salsa Mia  Photo: Rayme Samuels

Southern Living Magazine: Healthy Getaway

Robbie Caponetto, Van Chaplin

May 2009

Healthy Getaway: Miami

Go beyond its nightlife and discover Miami's lighter side for an active urban vacation.

Salsa Mia

Bliss comes in many forms, and no weekend here is complete without a taste of the nightlife. I head to Salsa Mia on Ocean Drive, home to Salsa classes on  Instructors from the dance company Salsa Mia teach the footwork and timing of Cuban salsa here.
Salsa Mia hosts Salsa Nights Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night.

"People come to unwind, have a good time, and learn a few steps,” says Salsa Mia’s owner Susan Fisher. Dancers are divided into groups based on ability. As the evening goes on, the music gets louder, and locals and visitors gather in this communal experience of rhythm, dance, and celebration.

Salsa Your Way to Good Health

June 5, 2009

Finding Fitness on the Dance Floor
By Serena Gordon

One reason many people don't stick with exercise is that it's often not that interesting. But what if you could dance your way to improved health?

Two new studies suggest that you just might be able to do that.

Presented recently at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Seattle, one study found that salsa dancing could improve cardiovascular fitness, and the other found that less vigorous ballroom dances such as the fox trot or tango -- although not as much of a workout as salsa -- can add 2,000 steps or so to a person's daily walking total.

"Learning to dance can be a fun, social, local and friendly way to enjoy low-intensity physical activity and skill learning," said the author of the second study, Stephen Cobley, a senior lecturer in skill acquisition and sport/exercise psychology at Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

Dancing, or at least watching dancing on TV, has soared in popularity recently. In the United States, "Dancing with the Stars" draws a significant audience each week, and its British counterpart, "Strictly Come Dancing," has more than 8 million viewers, according to Cobley.

Because this show was drawing so many viewers in the U.K., Cobley and his colleagues thought to capitalize on its popularity and conducted a study by offering a 12-week series of introductory ballroom dancing lessons to a group of sedentary adults.

The average age of the 27 study participants was 53, and most -- 22 -- were women. The once-a-week, two-hour classes were led by an instructor and included dances such as the tango, fox trot and cha-cha.

The classes replaced what was usually sedentary time for the participants and added about 2,000 steps to their daily total, the researchers said. Experts recommend 10,000 steps a day for good health.

"Ten thousand steps per day is the recommendation, but how many seniors are getting that?" asked sports and lifestyle nutritionist Molly Kimball, from the Ochsner Health System in New Orleans. "Two thousand steps is still good, and every little bit helps."

But, she said, different dances, such as the salsa would provide a much greater aerobic workout.

Salsa was the focus of the other study, in which Italian researchers measured heart rate and oxygen consumption in dancers who were doing a typical salsa during lessons, salsa dancing at a night club or doing a group dance called rueda de casino.

The study included 11 pairs of dancers who were, on average, 36 years old. Maximum heart rate increased between 58 and 75 percent for those doing any of the three dances, and oxygen consumption went up between 41 percent and 56 percent, depending on the dance. Nightclub salsa dancing appeared to be the most aerobic of the three dances, though all increased heart rate and oxygen consumption, the study found.

"Salsa is a spirited dance," study author Gian Pietro Emerenziani, from the University of the Studies of Rome, in Italy, said in a statement. "With this form of dance, you are clearly getting a workout. All three types of salsa in our study, practiced frequently, will have a positive impact on health and fitness."

More information
The AARP has more on dancing your way to good health.

SOURCES: Stephen Cobley, Ph.D., senior lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom; Moll
Copyright © 2009 ScoutNews, LLC. All rights reserved.


Daily Candy Miami - Addicted to Love, Spring 2008 Wedding Guide

April 23, 2008


Planning your wedding is driving you to drink. Fight back with DailyCandy’s twelve-step program. Private Salsa lessons with Salsa Mia are an essential part of your wedding planning.

Step 1
Admit you have a problem. Your future mother-in-law? Nope. Your lack of venue. Luckily, Schnebly Redland’s Winery now hosts weddings in the plantation-style property’s tranquil gardens (complete with waterfalls and passion fruit vineyards). And for party favors: mango wine bottled especially for your guests.

Step 2
Discover the higher power. Flower power, that is. Guerdy Réjouis, the flower architect behind Fisher Island’s Ocean Flowers, pairs her stylized designs with lighting, accents, and draping. Her pick for this season: opulent color, like fuchsia calypso orchids.

Step 3
Turn your will over to the gods (of music). Namely DJ Ross One, the super spinner known for Favela Chic at Mokai. Without a tinge of the macarena, he gets everyone out on the dance floor (even, rumor has it, Bill Clinton).

Step 4
Take an honest look at yourself. Realize you deserve couture invitations. Paper Fetish’s designers don’t work off books. Instead they craft each distinct card from scratch, using everything from watercolors and rose petals to feathers.

Step 5, 6, and 7
Admit the nature of your wrongs (it’s your dancing); prepare to change (light stretching); eliminate your shortcomings.
Salsa Classes from
Salsa Mia should do the trick.

Step 8 and 9
Make a list of those you harmed (your bridesmaids) and make amends. Before the big day, send them Beauty in a Box from Face Time Cosmetics. The darling package arrives bearing the maid’s name and a cache of customized makeup.

Step 10
Keep a personal inventory (of the party). Capture it all, not just posed and sober. Let In Focus Studios resident artist, Manolo Doreste, reveal the night in all its natural splendor, including a trash-the-dress shot, in which the bride mars her fated frock in fiery devotion (optional, obv).

Step 11
Contact the higher power. Or get a power contact high by providing guests hand-rolled cigars. Anissa Velazquez of Deco will arrange for a tobacco aficionado to craft stogies using their Dominican and Nicaraguan blends.

Step 12
Have a spiritual awakening (after tasting your cake). Ana Paz uses her grandma’s recipe to create iced art, which she can bling-out Miami-style with Swarovski crystals.

If all else fails, there’s always step 13: rehab (a.k.a. your honeymoon)


Miami NewTimes "A Different Kind of Dip"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Different Kind of Dip

Learn how to do it with Salsa Mia.

Feeling Caliente, Caliente Caliente!

The infusion of Latin traditions into Miami culture requires that upon entering Miami-Dade County, you trade in the rules you used to live by for a set saturated in Goya spices. Here coladas are piping-hot and sipped for breakfast instead of on-the-rocks and guzzled by the pitcher, and when you speak of salsa, you’re usually referring to the dance, not a dip for tortilla chips. But although you’ve perfected the art of ordering a Cuban coffee sin azúcar, your dance moves are another story. And since your Hispanic friends giggle behind your back at the stiffness of your swivel, the crew at Salsa Mia will teach you how to execute the sensuous and flirtatious dance with ease – and rhythm.

Two-hour salsa classes will take you through all the steps, whether you’re a beginner or a hoofing legend. New students, just show up 15 minutes before the class begins and you’ll be grooving before you know it!

Link to the Article


Universal Music and Salsa Mia present Hector Lavoe "The Originals"

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Enter To Win
A 2-Night Pass to Salsa Mia
Compliments of Universal Music & Fania

Participants went online to FYE, submitted their entries at the FYE stores in South Florida. Winners were announced in September 2007.


Premier of "El Cantante"

Thursday, August 1, 2007

Premier of El Cantante
Regal Cinema - South Beach

Salsa Mia Dancers were invited by PictureHouse to perform at the premier of new movie "El Cantante". El Cantante celebrates the life of the legendary Puerto Rican salsa singer Hector Lavoe. Local Miami radio station MEGA 94.9 was there to broadcast the event. Que viva para siempre la salsa y la musica de Hector Lavoe! Tremendo "Cantante".

Salsa and the City

By Lisett Araujo

The Miami Herald's Nightlife Homepage

Miami’s got a reputation – and it’s a hot one.

Steamy nights, trendy clubs, little clothing and lots of spice. The city is a melting pot, and nothing captures the essence, the feel, the vibe of the place and its people like salsa. This style of music and dance, derived from the Cuban son and mambo, exudes sensuality and passion. No wonder it’s often the soundtrack for movies and shows that depict Miami and its sexy inhabitants.

A city so full of Latin influence is also full of clubs claiming to be the definitive salsa spot. But which are worth your money and time? We did the research and found the perfect clubs for every sabor of salsa lover.


If you have a desire to swivel your hips and turn or be turned, head to South Beach’s Salsa Mia. All dancers – regardless of skill level – are welcome. The two-hour classes teach hordes of eager dancers everything from the basic step to the more complicated Rueda – a group dance where couples form a circle and rapidly swap partners through fancy moves.

A 5-night lesson pass is only $22 per night for a two hour class and it gets you free admission into the nightclub, which opens once the classes are over, and half-price drinks. This is a great place to master the basics, gain some confidence and join the party on the dance floor. Come with a partner or alone. Salsa Mia provides a friendly atmosphere perfect for mingling.

El Nuevo Herald

Friday, July 6, 2007

Salsa con Sabor

El Nuevo Herald

Son hombres y mujeres altos, bajos, gordos, flacos, rubios, blancos, pero todos se reúnen los viernes y los domingos en el salón de fiestas del restaurante de Miami Beach con un solo fin: aprender a bailar salsa, perfeccionar sus pasos en la pista, o simplemente mirar a los alumnos de la academia de baile Salsa Mía que luego se quedan en la fiesta hasta altas horas de la madrugada.


Son hombres y mujeres altos, bajos, gordos, flacos, rubios, blancos, pero todos se reúnen los viernes y los domingos en el salón de fiestas del restaurante de Miami Beach con un solo fin: aprender a bailar salsa, perfeccionar sus pasos en la pista, o simplemente mirar a los alumnos de la academia de baile Salsa Mía que luego se quedan en la fiesta hasta altas horas de la madrugada.

Mientras por las bocinas se escuchan discos de El Gran Combo, Celia Cruz y Willy Chirino, y cada una de las parejas que repletan la pista del local situado en el segundo piso del famoso restaurante de comida cubana practica lo aprendido, la directora y propietaria de tan singular escuela, Susan Fisher, se desplaza por todos los rincones para cerciorarse de que todo esté bien, y de paso para bailar con algún alumno que no tenga pareja en ese momento.

''Esta noche tenemos unas 80 personas en el salón'', dijo Fisher.

También se puede firmar contrato por 20 horas de clases privadas o en grupo o si uno resulta un alumno aventajado sólo paga por 10 horas, pero tal vez le baste con cinco horas. Hay diferentes tarifas según lo aventajado que sea el alumno o alumna.

La noche del domingo llamaba la atención una rubia espectacular con un vestido de seda transparente que no dejaba prácticamente nada a la imaginación. Tamaña sorpresa fue saber que se llamaba Catherine Ivanova y que había llegado recientemente de Moscú para aprender a bailar mejor la salsa, a pesar de que por sus sensuales movimientos muchos podrían confundirla con una caribeña de cuerpo y alma.

''Me encuentro de vacaciones aquí en Miami'', dijo en una pausa que hizo para tomar aliento, pero sin perder la sonrisa en ningún momento. ``La salsa la conocí en Moscú a través de unos amigos latinoamericanos. Pero siempre que vengo a Miami, aprovecho para perfeccionarme''.

Y nadie puede dudar de que a cualquiera le gustaría entablar amistad con esta rusa tan alegre y simpática, ya que a ninguno de los varones que la invitaron a bailar les dijo que no.

Uno de los bailadores que tuvo oportunidad de bailar más de una pieza con ella fue Wes Barnes, un traductor del tailandés y el laosiano al inglés, de unos 70 años, que según contó hace cinco años que concurre a Salsa Mía ``por orden del médico''.

''Mi médico me recomendó que hiciera ejercicio para mantenerme bien físicamente y por eso vengo a bailar salsa aquí, a Salsa Mia, en lugar de montarme en una bicicleta estacionaria, como lo hacen los viejos'', dijo en alta voz para poder superar los decibeles que invadían la sala. ``A mi esposa no le gusta bailar, así que vengo solo. Ya pronto me voy a jubilar y pretendo irme a vivir a Bangkok, donde no dejaré de hacerlo porque allí también se baila salsa''.

Los alumnos reciben lecciones de expertos hasta las 11:30 de la noche, los viernes o los domingos, después de lo cual el sitio se convierte en discoteca, donde todo el mundo puede disfrutar por igual de los bailes tropicales.

Algunos de ellos se solazan sirviéndose los variados tragos del bar del salón y otros prefieren bajar al comedor del primer piso, donde pueden degustar exquisitos platos cubanos como la clásica ropa vieja y otras especialidades de la exquisita mesa cubana, pero con un toque gourmet que los diferencia de los que sirven en cafeterías y restaurantes familiares de la ciudad.

Otro aspecto positivo de Salsa Mia es que a pocos pasos están los estacionamientos municipales que les permiten a sus parroquianos dejar sus automóviles sin el peligro de que queden a merced de imprevistos.

Una mujer ya madura entró al local en medio de la clase, se sentó tranquilamente en un sofá, abrió su cartera, extrajo un par de zapatos cerrados con los que reemplazó los que traía, que no tenían talón. Se paró y raudamente se sumó a los bailadores de la pista, moviendo los pies al ritmo de Azuquita p'al café, de El Gran Combo. Fue una de las últimas en irse con su pareja, satisfecha de la jornada salsera.• 



SunPost Best of 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The SunPost Best Of 2007
Treasures Of Miami And The Beaches


Best Salsa Nights

Salsa Mia

Ever wanted to learn to salsa? Or are you just looking for a great place to dance the night away to a Latin beat? Salsa Mia incorporates both. Six different levels, from beginners to advanced, are taught by six different instructors at the same time and place. No need to bring a partner as everyone rotates, so you get to step on the toes of, and eventually get in perfect rhythm with, all sorts of people. See Salsa Mia on Best of South Beach
Salsa Mia hosts Salsa Nights Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night.

Sports Club LA - Member Celebration with Salsa Mia

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sports Club LA/Miami at the Four Seasons Hotel
Members enjoyed a wonderful night of Salsa with Salsa Mia.

The 2007 Miami Beach Dance Festival

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miami Beach Dance Festival
Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Salsa Mia was invited to host the first Salsa Night with Sangria, appetizers and dancing. The Miami Herald was there to take pictures.

Alonzo Mourning's Overtown Youth Center Fund-raiser

Saturday, March 10, 2007
Salsa Mia at Alonzo Mourning's
Overtown Youth Center Fund-raiser

Miami NewTimes "Hot and Spicy"

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hot and Spicy. Salsa is our favorite dance and condiment

Baile, baile!

You’ve lived in Miami for how many years and you still can’t dance salsa? There’s no need to feel like a dance floor loser; Salsa Mia will make it easy for you to learn. You don’t need a partner, and you certainly don’t need to know anything about dancing; just show up and they’ll teach you how to move.

You’ll start with the basic steps, one foot forward then the other back, almost easier than walking. Soon you’ll be swaying like a native Cuban, twirling in rhythm with everyone in the rueda group or inching closer to your favorite salsero. Ay papi. After the lesson is over you can carry on Latin dancing at the lounge until 2:30 a.m.

Despierta America on Univision

Friday, February 23, 2007
2-Year Anniversary of Salsa Mia
The story of Salsa Mia filmed and reported by Paola Gutierrez
Despierta America! Aired on August 3rd, 2007



Escandalo TV on Univision's Channel Telefutura

Monday, February 5, 2007

Salsa Mia teaches new Hip Hop artist, JJ, to Salsa on Escandalo TV
His album titled Disco de Oro was released this August.

CBS Early Show - Live from South Beach


Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

Salsa Mia LIVE from South Beach on the CBS Early Show.
Saturday, Feb. 3rd. Super Bowl 2007 special coverage.

Telemundo's Ritmo Deportivo Films at Salsa Mia

Friday, January 19, 2007

Salsa Mia was filmed for Ritmo Deportivo on Friday, January 19th, 2007. The program aired on Sunday, January 28, 2007.

One Night Stand: Salsa Fridays with Salsa Mia

Article by Rayme Samuels

It's Friday night and you find yourself sauntering down the road on South Beach. Somehow along the way your feet start tapping, your hips start shaking and before you know it, you're swept up in the sensual rhythm of a salsa beat. No, your ears aren't playing tricks on you. Look up on the corner of Drexel Avenue and your senses will surely be overwhelmed by the flurry of sexy dancers spinning their way across a crowded dance floor. Salsa Mia has hosted an addictive salsa night for more than two years and has successfully attracted both die-hard dancers and novices alike week after week.

Once you venture up a narrow staircase, you will find a ceramic tile dance floor filled to the brim with some of Miami's most enthusiastic salseros. "People come here to socialize at the end of the workweek, have drinks and practice dance with other students," says Salsa Mia owner, Susan Fisher.

For the novice dancer, Cuban salsa classes Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe, when impossibly attractive instructors cover the gamut of basic steps, intricate twirls and classic rueda calls. Arrive a few hours later and you'll be amazed by the gravity defying spins and dips enacted by the second wave of visitors -- some of Miami's best and surprisingly humble dancers. Everyone here is eager to share the spirit of this Latin dance. If you're feeling shy, pony up to the bar for a Corona or mango mojito, two popular favorites, and just enjoy being inspired by the crowd.

For those with two left feet, don't worry. It's not all salsa here, as DJ Alex will mix things up regularly by adding merengue, bachata, and hip-hop to their rotations.

At Salsa Mia, where the party goes on strong until the wee hours, says Fisher "everyone fits right in."

Food Network Filming of Giada's Weekend Getaways


Friday, November 10, 2006

Food Network's Filming of Giada de Laurentiis' new TV program called "Giada's Weekend Getaways"... (MIAMI)

Chef Giada de Laurentiis travels across the United States looking for vacation destinations for food lovers. Giada’s Weekend Getaways premiered Friday, January 12, 2007.

The Miami Herald



Posted on Sat, Sep. 09, 2006



First of a series
Where DO singles mingle? Some untraditional places to seek out Mr. or Ms. Right


If you have to choose one place to be on a Friday night, try salsa lessons at Salsa Mia in Miami Beach. With a relaxed lounge atmosphere and a welcoming staff, it's impossible not to feel at home here -- whether you have two left feet or can shake your bon-bon with abandon.

''I think this is fantastic,'' said 27-year-old Juan David who was there for first time. ``I've been looking for an atmosphere like this. . . . Everybody's like a family. You can see and feel the energy.''

You don't need to bring a partner, and gay participants can learn both the leader and follower role, says owner Susan Fisher.

Wild On

Sunday, August 6, 2006
E! Entertainment Television Latin America
Wild On Latino

Salsa Mia was interviewed and filmed for an upcoming program of Wild On South Beach.
The program will air in over 28 Latin American countries. Stay tuned for dates!!!

Satisfy Your Zest for Adventure

The Salsa Mia Crew

July 14, 2006

On his summer tour of the most adventurous cities in the United States, Procter & Gamble's ZEST FOR ADVENTURE Man visited Salsa Mia in Miami.

To see the video clip of his visit to Salsa Mia click here and then on "salsa dancing"

This is what he had to say...

Written by Zest for Adventure Man, John Guidroz
Salsa Dancing lessons exist to make you look silly. At least that's what happened to me last night. I went to South Beach for a taste of the infamous Miami nightlife. What better place to try some Latino grooves? Kickin clubs, hot ladies strutting down the promenades, clothes clinging to flesh like a man to his pride. As it turns out, a "good night" of Salsa education requires a man to take off his pride; a "better night", his clothes. I can't comment on the clothes.

The lesson kicked off with an introduction to the basic 1-2-3 steps. Then a couple transition moves, some side-steps, back steps-- simple enough after a few minutes. Then they tripled the speed and threw on some music. Add the group of people watching and I was petrified. Don't get me wrong, I can count to 3 and generally get by on the dance floor at a club or bar, but when I tried to follow the instructions in my head and still listen to the music I ended up moving like a Zombie from Night of the Living Dead. After an hour, solo time was finished and, apparently, we were ready to be paired up for couples dancing.

In a thick Hispanic accent, the instructor told the men in the beginner group that it was our jobs to lead the ladies. "Salsa dancing is communication with your bodies. You take the ladies. Ladies, you want to be taken, no?" I liked this guy, but he was a liar. When I got out on the dance floor to try out my basic steps my experienced partner tolerated my zombie steps for about two seconds before taking me. I didn't care, she made me look good. What the hell, dancing is all about a good time and living a little right? The bottom line is that tonight had all the core elements of a good adventure: fear, hesitation, learning, and, in the end, success. Next time I just need to stop counting in my head, loosen up a bit and brush up on my espanol. Maybe that will also lead to a "better night."

Cuba en Miami - Noches de Salsa!

Coastal Living Magazine - South Beach for Grown-ups

South Beach for Grown-ups
You don't have to stay up all hours to have fun in Miami.

When 30-something mom Myra Doyle jetted to this Florida hot spot for a reunion with three high school friends, they "wanted to do what South Beach people do." But they had a rule: "There are four of us here and we have 11 kids among us. We want to be in bed by midnight."  Not a problem.

South Beach may best be known for sun-drenched days and sizzling late-night action, but visitors can still find plenty to do between sundown and the witching hour.

Myra and her girlfriends joined nearly 90 people on the packed dance floor above a popular SoBe restaurant for salsa lessons. Most dancers were beginners like Myra, learning the basic "left-two-three, right-two-three" steps. But after two hours of training (and drinks from the bar downstairs), beginners and experts got to mingle and mambo well before midnight.

If you don't feel like dancing, you'll have plenty of other entertainment options. And, as locals know, there are advantages to hitting South Beach hangouts before they're teeming with night owls. You can get a seat and, at some places, a deal.

See Salsa Mia on Best of South Beach

Salsa Mia hosts Salsa Nights Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night.

Salsa Mía

Men Can Dance!

"ANYWAY, we arrive at Salsa Mia for our dance lessons provided. We're in front of the line and I survey the situation: lots of couples of all ages, a relatively balanced mix of whites and Latinas. Alright, I'm on a level playing field. And these people are all here for lessons."

"There are five levels that Salsa Mia provides, with level one being the beginner level going up to the advanced class, level five. We would start at level one. Our instructor for the evening would guide Penelope and I (and eighteen or so other people) through the introductory steps of Salsa. First, we would learn the basic steps without music. Then, the music would start. We'd then run through these simple steps to music. I danced with great aplomb. Penelope had natural rhythm. My hips were a little rigid initially, but then the music came into me. White man got his groove on."

"After learning some of the basic steps, the instructor then had us pair up, with all of the couples forming a circle. Men's left shoulders pointed to the middle of the circle, women's right shoulders pointed inward. And then the music began again. And from here, we danced the dance of the Salsa. We would switch partners (the women stationary, the men moving counter-clockwise to the next partner) roughly every four beats. Para mia. Para baho. These are words that would be shouted over and over again, effectively getting the student body to move in unison, however un-trainable we were."

"I will readily concede that there are many a white man who can't dance. The second time we went, we brought a mutual friend and I wished we hadn't. Penelope would see in him all of his whiteness on the dance floor. But it wasn't just him, really. It was most of the white guys there. I was the great white hope and seeing my fellows white dancers step left when they should step right? watching them move like robots (and not in some good 80s break-dancing way) when their bodies should move fluidly? it only inspired me more to prove Penelope wrong. I was a team of one that night, my fellow whities leaving me to dry."

Penelope: "I was feeling mighty confident that I would pass Level 1 after a couple of classes, and given my Latin friends had already taught me a thing or two on Salsa dancing, this was going to be a piece of cake. We began learning the steps, some of which I already knew but I did realize I hadn't been doing it correctly I had been simply faking it at the clubs. ?I want to get really good? I thought to myself so I listened intently at the teacher's instructions of the fancy footwork. The classes are structured so that, even if you go by yourself, you'll get to dance with a partner due to the rotations around the circle of mostly newbie's. There are people of every age, some taking this way too seriously (have they figured out that Miami is mostly Latino and they need to get with the program?) , others who were there just for fun like Scott and I, and lastly older men and women who surely appear to be there to meet other singles in the community. And why not? What better place to meet someone than in a hot and sweaty room filled with pheromones stemming from the sexy rhythms, blood pumping lust, and teasing touching Latin music brings to your soul?"

"I digress. Surprisingly Scott isn't THAT white when it comes to his ability to actually learn the footsteps and have some coordination on the dance floor. For a white guy I was mildly impressed, but I still had to make fun of him for he didn't quite have the ?IT? effect he needs to become a sexy Latin dancer and swoon girls onto dance floors."

Scott: "What did she say? She's crazy. I'm a sexy Latin dancer! For two hours we danced. We moved to the music, we drank beer to keep cool and loosen us up, and we swayed. Then we took our dancing to another club, Score, where Penelope had friends that would get us in the door free. I regret to inform the white male populace, though, that I somewhat let our people down. While I managed to shred Penelope's notion that white men can't dance, I made zero headway in the ?white men can't hold their liquor? category. After drinks at Salsa Mia, this dapper Fred Astaire turned into a red-nosed W.C. Fields, sloshed, and incapable of walking straight, let alone dancing. When I laid down in the middle of Euclid Avenue en route to whatever our next destination was, I realized it was time to call it a night."

Penelope and Scott dancing at Salsa Mia

Penelope: "We decided one time wasn't enough and since weeks had passed since our last lesson, we decided to try it one more time. We arrived for round two, and this time we had a hot little Latina teacher boasting a pair of incredibly high, sexy and shiny silver heels, in tight jeans, and this chick could move, unlike the boring guy teacher from last time. Surely she wanted to just ?get moving? but soon she realized how green we all were. But that didn't stop her from teaching us some turns and spins though, and she ran quickly through the basic steps, moving onto the turns like we all had been there several times."

"Dang, I even had a hard time with the side-to-side turn! I was beginning to grow frustrated thinking 'how can I not get this??' but after a few tries, I had it down. We brought a white male friend with us this time and he was sweating like a pig. His shirt soaked, he appeared lost, but I give him props for not giving up. Now HE is truly white. Poor guy (laughing)."

Scott: "While we still went in as level one dancers, the game was all complicated this time. There was spinning and turning and then MORE spinning and more turning. Still, I held my own and danced like a?. like a?. well, like a white man. But like a white man with rhythm and soul. And again, I was at the top of the class, dispelling Penelope's foolish notion."


Penelope: "No, no my dear friend. Ok, I"ll give Scott his props for not embarrassing me completely during the lessons, but I will also add that it didn't help proving my point when everyone at the class was totally horrible the second go-round. Had this been a real Salsa club, my poor friend would be left in the dust like a typical white guy for just knowing the steps doesn't make you a good salsa dancer, it makes you decent but still vulnerable to budding jokes. Latinos are no joke. This is serious business and much like when a peacock raises his feathers to attract females for mating, Latin guys show their appeal by knowing how to swoon a girl on the dance floor, making her feel weightless and beautiful. This can't be accomplished by white men as they simply don't have what it takes physically to be able to move fluidly, nor do they possess the charm and sex appeal a Latin guy confidently boasts to make a girl fall into their arms and let them lead the way, lead our bodies, and influence the heart."

SUCCESS! (mostly)

Scott: "We ended our night of dancing at Salsa Mia. And we ended with me proving Penelope wrong. She, of course, might say otherwise. But she would be lying. White men CAN dance. Just maybe not all of us."

Greater Miami and the Beaches - Salsa Mia Runs the Show

When it comes to nightlife, Miami is world class. If you want to kick your heels up, let your hair down and dance until dawn, then there are infinite options stretching from South Beach to across the causeways. From glittering mega clubs to intimate lounges, Miami hot spots draw an impressive lineup of musicians, performers and DJs week after week making the temptation to party all too much to resist. There’s a reason A-list celebs flock to Miami for the fun, so as the saying goes: When in Rome… 

Salsa Mia runs the show with a two-hour class for all levels, followed by an hour of practice. Make a night of it when the Salsa Nightclub takes over at 11 p.m. and the pros come out to shake their hips and spin to live music and a DJ. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting whether you choose to grab a partner and show off your moves or watch others admiringly while sipping a mango mojito.

Salsa Crazy Miami

May 22, 2008

Salsa Mía provides fun and energetic salsa dance classes Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe. They pack the venue with both tourist and locals. This is a sure thing for having a great night out!

Healthy Miami: Salsa Mia

Salsa Mia on Healthy Miami
Link to article
Founded in February of 2005, Salsa Mia has been building friendships and shaking things up for the past seven years. Incorporating the fun, free-spirited motions of Salsa and dance, Salsa Mia prides itself of being a melting pot of instructors, dancers, performers, musicians and students from all over the world that come together a few times a week to immerse themselves in the art of salsa. Salsa Mia hosts their Salsa Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night. There are many reviews and broadcasts on Salsa Mia, and a large lists of their charitable contributions, making Salsa Mia a strong part of the Miami community. All levels are welcome, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Salsa Mia Best of South Beach

See Salsa Mia on Best of South Beach

Salsa Mia hosts Salsa Nights Every Night 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm at Mango's Tropical Cafe with classes, live music and dancing all night.

Summer Rocks with Salsa Mia!

  Issue 29 | July/August 2006

Salsa Mia appears in the July/August issue of LRM magazine in their cover story of the summer called "Summer Rocks! Twenty-four reasons to emerge from the air conditioning to experience all that Miami has to offer during the summer--great deals, hot events, cultural stimulation and, best of all, shorter lines."

"Summer Rocks" is proof that summer is not hell on earth in South Florida. It's also far from boring.

Salsa Mia is #2 out of 24 hottest things to do this summer in Miami!!!

You Can Dance

"You may hear the music, but you'll never really feel like a Miamian until you've learned to Salsa. Summer's a great time to learn with Salsa Mia. After the 2-hour lesson, put your new moves to the test at Salsa Mia's dance party."

-- Sara Churchville


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